2016 Submissions

Breaking Through Barriers Chipstep Song
Lifeblood Solo Instrument Song
An Eternal Struggle Fusion Song
Demons of Deep Space Ambient Song
In Fleeting Moments Chipstep Song
Fundamental Theorems Techno Song
Superluminal Techno Song
Universe Inversion Techno Song
Star-Drifter Techno Song
Cybernetic Lifeform (remastered) Techno Song
Cyberscape (remastered) Techno Song
Machine Dissonance Fusion Song
Cybernetic Lifeform Chipstep Song
Synthetic Evolution Techno Song
Man To Machine Chipstep Song
Junkyard Robot-Workshop Techno Song
Binary Search Techno Song
Digital Gateway Techno Song
Respite (Reconnect) Ambient Song
Virtual Synapses Chipstep Song
A Traitor In Our Midst Industrial Song
Cyberscape Techno Song
Unto The Blackest Sea Cinematic Song